Are publix scales accurate

A Publix manager said the second most common reason people use the scales is to weigh their luggage on the way to the airport. That way they can know if it’s too heavy before checking it with …

The scales have been a fixture in the stores since George Jenkins opened his first Publix supermarket in Winter Haven in 1940. And while Publix posted that "our wonderful repair shop keeps our remaining machines in great shape," there will come a time when they will no longer be able to be repaired and will be pulled from store floors. The news …


Are Publix Scales Accurate? (South Beach: buy, live, …

The scales used in Publix are often very old, and are often of the gear driven counterweight type. When properly adjusted they are extremely accurate. However, I see kids often jumping up and down on them which can throw off the calibration. They do tend to show a lower weight when that happens.

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The scales, shaped like “lollipops,” have been a Publix Super Market fixture for 81 years, the post explained. When they made their first …

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Should you check your weight on the Publix green scale?

LAKELAND, FLA. (AP) – If you are still shy about checking your weight on the iconic scale at Publix, you might want to step on the green machine before it vanishes.

Do you have to pay for scales at Publix?

“However, there’s one perk about shopping in Publix that’s been a part of the company since the beginning and still remains to this day: the weighing scales. The difference with Publix scales? It was completely free for our customers,” the blogger wrote.

When did people start weighing themselves at Publix?

In a 1988 interview with Jenkins, the company founder said, the scales “were very popular. Even back then people were conscious of their weight.” He added, more than 5 million customers weighed themselves in Publix’s during the first year of business.

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Does new Publix in Boynton Beach have a scale?

At least one new store that recently joined the grocery chain’s Florida outlets, opened without the scale. An associate said the new Publix located the Shoppes of Golf Village near Boynton Beach does not have one.

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