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Shop easier. Pay with the Publix app. Quickly reorder your favorites. Keep track of what you buy with e-receipts. Create and save shopping lists on the go. Stay in the know. Never miss a sale again with weekly ad sneak peeks. Find out about new products before anyone else. Get personalized product pairings, tips, and updates. Invest in your …

Shop online for groceries and swing by when it’s best for you. Powered by Instacart. * Item prices vary from item prices in physical store locations. Fees, tips & taxes may apply. Subject to terms & availability. Liquor delivery cannot be combined with grocery delivery.


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Can you buy groceries at Publix with a prescription?

“If you can stack a BOGO [buy one, get one] sale, a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon, you just might walk out of Publix with your groceries at 80% off or better.” Filling a prescription? The Publix pharmacy also accepts prescription coupons from all local retail pharmacies. 2. It May Not Be the Cheapest Grocery Store In Town

Are Publix coupons any good?

“Publix has a very generous coupon policy compared with so many other grocery retailers across the country,” says Josh Elledge, chief executive of, a money-savings website. Manufacturer’s coupons, internet coupons and coupons from nearby competitors are good at Publix.

Does Publix sell alcohol in bulk?

Publix has stepped up its game with more than 200 locations of Publix Liquors, offering spirits, beer, wine, mixers and such all in one place. At these stores, which are usually located next to or near a Publix supermarket, customers can receive a 10% bulk discount on purchases of at least eight bottles.

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Can you buy shares of Publix stock?

You also have the option to buy additional shares via a payroll deduction. Shares of Publix stock are not traded publicly, but the company estimated earlier this month that each share is worth $40.15 and it pays a quarterly dividend of roughly 22 cents per share. Technically, there are no employees at Publix; there are only ‘associates.’

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