Can you have a beard at publix

It’s been a long time coming, but Publix finally ended its controversial “no beards” policy last month. The grocery store chain will now allow employees to have beards that are “no more than approximately two inches” long. The policy also states that “all facial hair must maintain a neat, clean, and professional appearance.”

Publix relaxes dress code, will now allow employees to have beards — as long as they’re neat

Publix Is Testing a New Dress Code Where Employees …

2. According to the Tampa Bay Times, a petition to let Publix employees grow out facial hair was posted online in 2015 by a then-19-year-old employee, Brandon Wesley. Using the social call of #FreeTheBeard, Wesley has racked up more signatures as of this week, with both employees and shoppers chiming in to support his efforts. “I believe that the majority …

Wesley notes that Publix allows workers to have beards at its three GreenWise stores, which specialize in organic and environmentally-friendly products.

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