Can you use ebt on publix instacart

The short answer is No, and you cannot use EBT on Publix Instacart. Instacart does not currently accept Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards as payment for your Publix grocery delivery orders. This is because Instacart only accepts credit or debit cards and not EBT food stamps.

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EBT cards may only be used to purchase EBT-eligible items. A credit or debit card must also be linked to the Instacart account to cover fees, bottle deposits (in some locations), taxes, delivery fees and any non-EBT


Does Publix Take EBT? (Yes, Including Online Orders)

You can use your EBT card both for delivery and pickup orders at Publix through Instacart. In addition, if you have a Publix loyalty card, you can link it to your Instacart account and continue to receive store benefits for …

Items You Can Buy With EBT. USDA has strict guidelines on what items can be purchased using the SNAP/EBT benefits. According to the …

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Which stores accept EBT on Instacart?

You can use your EBT card online at a few stores in Washington, including:A&J Select MarketAmazonWalmart

Can you use EBT on Instacart?

Instacart is part of a pilot run by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to accept EBT benefits online. Currently, customers with a valid EBT SNAP card in all states except Alaska, Louisiana and Montana can use their SNAP funds on Instacart at participating retailers. EBT funds must be used in the state in which they were provided.

Does Instacart accept EBT cards?

Yes, Instacart accepts EBT cards. Customers are eligible on certain orders to pay for their groceries with EBT cards that connect through a credit card on their Instacart account. However, the Instacart shopping experience wouldn’t be nearly as great without the inclusion of EBT card payments.

Why does Instacart charge service fee?

With an Instacart Express membership, you’ll have the following privileges:Free delivery on orders of $35 or moreNo service fee chargesNo busy pricing, everOrder from multiple stores on one orderOne-hour delivery for no extra charge

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