Can you use publix gift cards on instacart

Note: You can’t purchase an Instacart+ membership gift card with an Instacart cash gift card. Check out our Purchase a gift card help center article to learn more about Instacart+ membership gift cards. Add gift card at checkout. You can add a gift card at checkout two ways— On the checkout page, select the gray down arrow to the right of your payment method on the …

Publix Gift Cards – General Policies. Publix Gift Cards – Online Orders. Retail Gift Cards. Give a Publix gift card to business associates, employees, family, and friends, and not only will they feel special, they’ll think you‘re pretty incredible too. Or select from a variety of gift cards perfect for anyone you‘re shopping for.


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Instacart Help Center – Redeem a gift card – Publix

To redeem a gift card through the Instacart website—. Sign up for Instacart or log into your existing account. At the top left, click the 3 horizontal lines. Click Add Promo or Gift Card. Enter the code and click Add to account. The gift card is added to your account and applies automatically to your next order.

Purchases over $3,000 may qualify for our tiered discount program when you buy Publix gift cards online* or by phone at 1-800-830-8159. *Orders $5,000 or greater are available by phone only. Total Order Amount. Discount %. Order Method. $3,000 – $3,999. 1%. Online or by phone. $4,000 – $4,999.

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Does Publix have gift cards?

No. Publix Gift cards are only available for purchase at Publix locations, online at or by phone by calling 1-800-830-8159. What denominations are available? Publix gift cards can be purchased for any amount between $5 and $500.

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How do I increase the value of a Publix gift card?

The balance of a Publix gift card can be increased when presented at any register in our stores. The new balance cannot exceed the $500 limit. Corporate customers may also add value by calling 1-800-830-8159. Can I add value to a Publix gift card that I gave to someone else?

How do I use a gift card on Instacart?

You must add a credit or debit card at checkout to use your gift card, even if the gift card fully covers your total purchase amount. Note: Instacart charges any items added during shopping or after checkout to your gift card.

How do I check the balance on my Publix gift card?

The balance will be printed on your receipt each time you use your Publix gift card. If you no longer have your receipt, you may also check your balance at customer service in the store or visit the Check Balance page on your desktop or mobile device. Can I add value to a Publix gift card?

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