Do Publix Hire 14 Year Olds [Update 2023] ❤️

Publix hires from the age of 14 for non-management positions such as bagger and cashier, with pay ranging from $8 to $10.50 an hour in 2022. The hourly wage is …

The minimum age of employment at Publix is 14 years old. However, not all of their stores accept applications from job seekers who are 14 years old due to the positions and shifts available at …


Beginning Your Publix Career at a Young Age

Publix does hire at 14 and will hire a 14-year-old for entry-level job positions such as cashier, bagger, floral clerk, and front service clerk. However, the hourly rate of pay for 14 …

Minimum Age Requirements for Employment

Before exploring specific employment opportunities, it is important to be aware of the minimum requirements for age set by federal and state laws regarding work.

For instance, in the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides guidelines for child work. As per the FLSA 14 is the age at which you must be for the majority of non-agricultural positions such as work at Publix.

Child Labor Laws in the United States

Child labor laws are designed to safeguard the health and education of children while also allowing them to gain invaluable work experience.

The laws limit the number of time and type of jobs that teenagers are able to be able to perform. It is important to know these rules for both employers and prospective employees.

Employment Opportunities for 14-Year-Olds

Even though 14-year-olds aren’t allowed to do the kind of work they are allowed to perform however, there are a variety of jobs available at Publix.

These involve bagging food items replenishing shelves, serving customers and even cleaning. These positions provide valuable exposure to the working environment and allow you to develop important abilities early.

Benefits of Hiring 14-Year-Olds

The hiring of 14-year-olds could be beneficial for employers. Young workers typically have a passion for learning, a desire to learn and new perspectives into the working environment. Employers also can benefit from flexible working hours and lower pay for employees younger than their age.

Responsibilities and Restrictions for Young Workers

While employing young employees may be beneficial, it’s essential employers are aware of the responsibilities they have to the young employees.

Offering a safe work environment as well as adhering to restrictions on work hours and ensuring that they receive the adequate training are vital elements in the employment of young workers.

Tips for Job Seekers

For teenagers who are looking to work in Publix or other establishments there are some ways to boost the likelihood of getting an interview.

Writing a resume, demonstrating passion and commitment in the interview process, and also pointing out pertinent abilities can make a huge impact.

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Parental Consent and Involvement

Consent and involvement from parents or guardians is essential when young people seek work. Employers typically require parental consent and will often engage with parents in order to ensure the safety of their employees who are young.

Importance of Work-Life Balance for Young Employees

While getting work experience is important, achieving an equilibrium between work and other facets of life, like studying and relaxing is equally crucial for employees who are young. Promoting a balance between work and life can result in higher productivity and overall wellbeing.

People Also Ask do Publix hire 14-year-olds

Is Publix hiring 15-year-olds?

Publix is a well-known retailer, that typically employs applicants who are at a minimum of 14 years old to be considered for positions at the entry level. The minimum age required may differ based on the state’s laws and store policies.

It is recommended to contact the local Publix retailer to find out their policies regarding hiring for those who are 15 years old. They will give you the most current and accurate details on job openings for people of your age.

How much does a Publix worker make?

The pay for Publix employees varies depending on a number of variables, including work experience, job, location, and regional labor regulations.

According to my information, as of the cutoff in September of 2021, the median hourly rate for a Publix employee varied from $9 to $19 an hour.

Basic positions such as baggers and cashiers generally begin at the bottom on the pay scale, whereas positions that require more advanced abilities or experiences, for example, department managers, or skilled bakery and deli workers, typically get higher salaries.

Remember that compared to other grocery companies, Publix is renowned for offering top-notch salaries and benefits.

It is advised to call Publix directly or go to Publix’s official website to acquire the most recent and accurate information regarding pay and benefits.

Does Publix have benefits for part-time employees?

It is true that Publix offers the benefits of part-time workers. While the specific benefits may differ based on various the number of hours of work and duration of service Part-time employees working employed at Publix can be qualified for benefits that are specific to them.

The benefits may comprise access to dental, medical, or vision health insurance and the 401(k) saving plan for retirement that has company-matching contributions.

Part-time employees may have the chance to get paid holiday time, and vacation pay as well as accessibility to Publix’s Employer Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

It’s important to note that access to benefits and eligibility can be contingent on several aspects, so it’s best to get out for Publix directly or visit their official website for the most current and accurate information on benefits for employees who work part-time.

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What jobs are available at Publix?

Publix offers many kinds of jobs across various areas within their supermarkets. The most common jobs available for applicants at Publix include:

  1. The cashier is responsible for scanning the items as well as processing payments and offering customer service during checkout.
  2. Grocery Clerk: consists of inventorying shelves, arranging products, and helping customers in finding products.
  3. Deli Clerk: Responsible for serving and preparing the deli’s products, cutting cheeses and meats, as well as offering customer service at the counter in the deli.
  4. Bakery Clerk: Participates in making and decorating different bakery products, including cakes, bread, and pastries. Also, assist customers in purchasing bakery items.
  5. Produce Clerks: responsible for storing and maintaining the section of produce, as well as organizing vegetables and fruits, as well as giving help to the customers.
  6. Meat Clerk: Handles and packs meat products helping customers choose the right meat as well as maintaining hygiene and security in the department of meat.
  7. Customer Service Associates: Offers assistance and support to customers. responds to questions and concerns, and ensures a pleasant shopping experience.
  8. Pharmacy Technician: Aids pharmacy technicians in taking prescriptions and filling them, submitting insurance claims, and providing the customer with service in the department of pharmacy.
  9. Store Manager/Assistant Manager responsible for overseeing store operations, directing employees, ensuring the satisfaction of customers, and meeting sales goals.

These are only some examples, but there are numerous other jobs available at Publix. The exact job opportunities may vary depending on the location and the size that the retailer.

For current job opportunities and to find out more details about specific jobs You can go to Publix Careers on the Publix Careers website, or call the local Publix location directly.

People Also Searches do publix hire 14-year-olds

As per my knowledge, the cutoff will be in September 2021 Publix typically hires people who are at or above 14 years old to be considered for entry-level jobs.

But, it’s crucial to remember that this minimum requirement may differ depending on the state’s laws and store policies.

It is recommended to contact your local Publix location to ask about policies regarding hiring for those who are 14 years old. They will give you the most current and accurate information on possible job opportunities for those of your age.

Working at Publix at 14 years old tips and tricks, the application process, training, how much do they pay Video Answer


Publix and other businesses can hire 14-year-olds to perform specific roles, and provide the opportunity for valuable learning as well as exposure to the workforce.

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Respecting the laws governing child labor, parental involvement, and providing the workplace is safe and supportive is essential to the success of these workers.

In balancing work and other aspects of life young workers can create the foundation for their careers in the future.

FAQ Do Publix Hire 14 Year Olds

Can teenagers be employed at Publix?

 It’s not true, Publix generally requires employees to be either between 14 and 15 years old subject to local and state labor laws.

What are the jobs available to 14-year-olds who work at Publix? 

 Publix generally limits its recruitment to those who are 14 or 15 years old to fill specific positions like bags of groceries, or retrieving carts.

Do you require a work permit for teenagers who work employed at Publix?

 In most states, young people must be granted a work permit, or parental permission prior to beginning working at Publix.

What are the restrictions for working hours for teens at Publix?

 The hours of work and the exact hours 14-year-olds are allowed to spend at Publix are governed by federal and state laws to ensure their safety as well as their education.

What is the best way to apply for a position at Publix?

Anyone interested can go to your local Publix store to inquire about positions available. Candidates may be required to submit an application form and go through an interview.

Do you have any specific age-related requirements for employment at Publix?

Publix demands that employees regardless of age to be able to obtain the required permits to meet minimal age requirements and abide by the law.

How old is the age minimum for different job opportunities at Publix?

For the majority of jobs at Publix it is either 16 or older. Certain positions might have applicants who must be aged 18 years old or older in order to fulfill specific duties.

Can teenagers work outside of classes at Publix? 

Most of the time 14-year-olds can work a limited number of hours during school hours. Publix is in compliance with the federal and state laws to ensure that minors their education isn’t negatively affected.

Are teenagers eligible for the same benefits that older employees of Publix?

 Publix’s benefits and policies could differ for employees depending on their the age of the employee and their position. However, employees who work part-time (including younger ones) might be eligible for certain benefits.

Does Publix provide training for young employees?

Absolutely, Publix offers training and orientation to all employees, including the younger ones, to make sure they know their responsibilities, roles, and safety rules.

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