Do publix sell money orders

While Publix does sell money orders, it does not have the capability to cash them. To buy a money order at Publix, you can use cash, a debit card, or a prepaid debit card. However, credit cards are not accepted as a form of payment. Money orders have a limit of $500 each, so if you need a higher amount, you will need to purchase multiple money orders.

Additionally, Publix does not cash money orders; it only sells them. A money order costs between $.89 and $.99 and can be obtained at the customer service desk during regular business hours. If you’re interested in learning more about Publix money orders, including how much they cost and how they work, keep reading! Is Publix a Money Order Only Store?


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The limit to Money orders at Publix is $500 and the processing fee can be anything between $0.89 to $0.99 depending upon the amount of Money order. You can get your Money orders done at the Customer service desk at Publix. Also, note that Publix only sells Money orders and doesn’t cash them in their store.

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Publix sells money orders only and does not cash them. You can get a money order during regular business hours at the customer service desk, and there is an $.89 to $.99 fee for a money order. If you’re interested in learning more about Publix Money Orders, like the price and how it works, keep reading!

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How much are money orders at Publix?

If you live in the Southeast, Publix is a grocery store that sells money orders. The fee for a money order is $0.99 and you can purchase them for up to $1,000. However in some cases, you can purchase in greater amounts if you have a valid ID card. To pay for the money order, Publix accepts cash or debit card. They do not cash money orders.

Does 7-11 sell money orders?

Best Places to Get a Money Order Near Me 7-Eleven. With over 8,500 locations in the U.S., 7-Eleven is one of the first retailers that pops to mind when someone asks me about buying money orders. Walmart. … CVS. … Meijer. … Kmart. … Publix. … Kroger. … Postal Service. … Your Local Check Cashing Company. … Your Local Bank. … More items…

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What is the maximum money order at Publix?

The following information will be helpful to anyone interested in buying a money order at a Publix location: Money transfer provider: All money orders are backed by Western Union. Limit: You can purchase a money order from Publix up to a value of $500. Fee: $0.85 to $0.89. Payment method: Fees must be paid with a debit card, cash, or prepaid card. They will not accept checks, credit cards, or gift cards. How to Buy a Money Order at Publix. There are no special requirements to purchase a …

Does Publix cash government checks?

Yes, Publix does cash personal and payroll checks at all stores. To cash a check at Publix you must provide a driver license, state-issued photo identification card, or military identification. Publix sells, but does not cash, money orders at all stores.

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