Do you need a highschool diploma to work at publix

3 answers. Answered – Cashier, Pharmacy Technician (Current Employee) – Gainesville, GA. No, you do not need a high school diploma but it is preferred. Upvote. Downvote. Report. Answered – Cake Decorator (Former Employee) – NC. You do not need a high school diploma to work at Publix. Upvote.

So I just have a question, I’ve been working at Publix for 4+ years, full time Customer Service Staff for 2 years. I’m 20 years old. I’m thinking …


Do you need a GED/High School Diploma to get into management?

Thanks. Only Diploma you’d need is in Ass-Kissing to get a management spot in this company. No intelligence required. The CEO of the company was promoted through the company on a high school diploma. Publix later sent him to business school though. But no, it’s not required. They prefer you to be dumb as a door nail.

no. I’m 14 and a freshman in high school and I’m a bagger. Do you need a diploma to be a photographer? no you do not need a diploma to become a photographer, you just have to learn how to work the …

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