Does publix accept cash

Unfortunately, Publix does not provide free check cashing services. However, the charge is quite modest, with an average of $3 to $4. Additionally, Publix check cashing fees will not exceed $4 at most locations, regardless of the kind or size of the check.

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Publix Check Cashing and Money Order Rules | Fiscal Tiger

You can buy a money order at Publix, but you cannot cash a money order. Publix Money Order Fees and Policies. The following information will be helpful to anyone interested in buying a money order at a Publix location: …

What Payment Methods Does Publix Accept? In addition to Apple Pay, Publix accepts Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Publix also accepts cash, personal checks, EBT, WIC, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards.

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Can You cash checks at Publix?

In short, Yes you can cash your checks at Publix for sure. But there some factors and key points that you should be aware before proceeding. I want you to pay attention here and read all the details, so that some important point is not skipped.

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Does Publix take Apple Pay?

Publix takes Apple Pay for purchases made in-store, and most Publix stores allow cash back with Apple Pay. You can also use Apple Pay for Publix delivery and pickup orders through Instacart. In addition to Apple Pay, Publix accepts Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and its own mobile wallet Publix Mobile Pay.

Does Publix take money orders?

Payment method: Fees must be paid with a debit card, cash, or prepaid card. They will not accept checks, credit cards, or gift cards. There are no special requirements to purchase a money order at Publix. You simply need to request one at the customer service desk, and pay with one of the approved forms of payment.

What is the maximum amount of checks Publix will take?

Personal checks : Personal checks are accepted at or below $75 with a monthly limit of $75. You can use Publix to cash several checks as long as the combined total amount does not exceed $75. Payroll checks : You can cash payroll checks totaling up to $500 per week.

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