Does publix deliver wedding cakes

Publix wedding cakes can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. Multiple-tiered cakes are definitely an option, or you can go with a simple, single-tier confection for a smaller wedding

Our team will even deliver your cake to your venue, so there’s no need to stress about picking up the cake the morning of the wedding. If you need additional cakes for your wedding events, we will take care of your groom’s


Wedding & Special Occasion Cakes | Publix Super Markets

Our servings suggestions chart shows the sizes and approximate number of servings for each cake shape. Servings are based on a three-layer, 2 oz slice. Find cake-specific size information on the individual cake pages in our cake catalog. The icing on the cake. We can help you carry your selected wedding colors through to your cake’s icing.

When they do deliver the cake, Publix will set up the cake according to the number of tiers, shape, and table decorations of your choice. There are additional charges for cream cheese and fudge icings, fruit and cannoli fillings, whipped toppings, German Chocolate cakes, black forest cakes, and carrot cakes.

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How much does a wedding cake from Publix cost?

The cost of a Publix wedding cake will depend on the size, the customization and the type of cake you purchase. From what we researched, a plain cake for the average wedding can cost $200 to $400, but as you add decorations and additional tiers, the costs can increase.

How to order a wedding cake from Publix?

Remove any decorations until it’s just cake and icing.Freeze until the cake is solid. (This keeps the icing from being damaged.)Wrap loosely in several layers of plastic wrap—not aluminum foil. Place in the cake box and wrap with more plastic wrap.Seal the cake in an airtight freezer bag and store in the coldest part of your freezer. …

Does Publix make custom cakes?

The results should come as no surprise, especially regarding what Marylanders like to chow down on most: Smith Island Cake. Publix Refuses … Charm City Cakes Serves Custom Creation At Inaugural …

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Does Publix have a grocery delivery service?

Publix offers its grocery delivery through the company’s website, although Instacart is the company that actually performs the deliveries. You’ll need to sign up for an account or log in if you already have one, and you must enter your ZIP code to determine whether delivery is available in your area before you can place an order.

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