Does publix have a change counter

The company coin counter machines provide the service of changing coins into bills for Publix customers. After you have placed all of your coins into the coin counter, the machines provide a receipt. This gives you a total dollar amount that you take to customer service. The staff at this counter will redeem the receipt for cash.

Unfortunately, Publix does not have a Coinstar in 2022. But, it has an alternative to Coinstar, which is its own coin counting machine. Customers can find self-service coin counting machines in Publix stores near them or any other general stores. Publix charges some amount in order to convert customer’s coins into cash.

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According to client care personnel, Publix doesn’t have Coinstar; however, its own Publix Self-Service Coin Counter devices. The coin-counting machine is typically positioned close to the store’s entranceway. Does Publix have a coin machine? Every Publix search

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