Does publix have a union

Nationwide, union membership is 13.2 percent. Florida and other southern states have long had lower union membership rates, in part because of …

My main question: is it more beneficial for a company (a grocery store more specifically) to have workers in a union, or to strictly prohibit unions, as Publix does. They have never had a union, and maintain EXCELENT relations with workers, to the point that a union seems unnecesary.

Does Publix store have a union? – Answers

Does Publix store have a union? no worker’s union. Yep, it’s called PEFCO. (that is their credit union, not a worker’s union.)

A closer look at our money services. Money orders. A money order is a lot like a check, and purchasing a money order at Publix is just like buying anything else. You don’t even need a bank account. This is a service provided by Western Union.*. Money transfers.

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