Does publix have flowers

Publix floral department offers flower arrangements & gifts for any special occasion, plus the Publix service you love. Find out about Publix floral.

Publix not only sells flowers, but they also have a variety of options to choose from when selecting your floral arrangements. Publix sells all kinds of flowers from roses to lilies to carnations. They can come in singular type bouquets or a variety of species. You have the option of purchasing bouquets in a plastic sleeve or a fancy vase.


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Sourcing fresh flowers. The flowers at Publix are sourced from several suppliers and purchased as close to the growers as possible so they arrive from the field to our stores extraordinarily fresh. We receive flower deliveries five to seven days a week—so we’re constantly replenishing our bins with new varieties of fresh flowers.

Anyone who wants a bouquet of fresh flowers will enjoy Publix in season bouquets that are $10.00, or mix and match your favorite flowers for $12.00 to create a customized bouquet. The Publix floral department also sells larger bunches of roses, baby’s breath, and other Publix flowers can be purchased for $60.00 and are perfect for creating centerpieces, small bouquets, …

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Do they sell flowers at Publix?

Every day is a perfect occasion for flowers. A beautiful bouquet of flowers can brighten a home and put a big smile on your face. You’ll find them at Publix. We carry a big, breathtaking selection of blooms in every hue imaginable. With every new season, you’ll find new flowers to inspire you.

How long do Publix bouquets last?

With bigger blooms—thanks to 50% more growing room—these premium flowers are beautifully arranged, hand tied by floral experts, and available year-round. Rushed from the field to Publix, they create a lush, eye-catching, vase-ready bouquet that’s guaranteed to last for seven days or get a full refund.

Does Publix have help choosing items?

Need help choosing? A Publix associate is on standby to help you select the perfect item, and provide care and handling tips.

Does Publix sell hydrangeas?

Rushed from the field to Publix, they create a lush, eye-catching, vase-ready bouquet that’s guaranteed to last for seven days or get a full refund. Learn more about Publix Premium Bouquets. Hydrangeas. Big, lush, and available in a variety of blue, purple, white, and pastel colors, hydrangeas lend a soft and lovely touch to any home.

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