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Don’t most other companies that offer a 401k do something somewhat similar but match 100% of whatever small percentage of the total paycheck they are willing to match? So Publix is you pay 3% and get 1.5% matched but company B is you pay 2% and they match another 2%?

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Publix Employee Benefit: 401K Plan – Glassdoor

Current Pharmacist in East Birmingham, AL, Alabama. Publix doesn’t provide a very competitive 401k program. They match contributions at $.50 per dollar up to 3%, with a maximum match of $750. This program is compensated for, in my opinion, via …

invested in the 401k index funds. publix 401k match is in the form of stock in your 401k and the profit plan is more stock. i agree with not buying stock in the company you work for, especially a grocery store. how much longer will publix be around do you think?

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What companies have the best 401K match?

The company will even match a competitor’s price for gold coins and bullion. Because Birch Gold Group is well-established in precious metal investment, they have already built a streamlined system that ensures quick response to clients. Over the years, the company has maintained top ratings for their gold IRA products.

How much does Publix match 401k?

The 401 (k) smart plan is a savings retirement plan where you put in money and you pick the vehicles that you would like to use to invest your money, they are listed, publix stock is one of them but there are many others such as different mutual funds. Publix will match up to a maximum of $750 per year.

What is a good 401k match?

You can always contribute less if you find you need the money now in your paycheck. Also, if your employer matches how much you put into your retirement account by three percent or four or five percent, at least make sure you are getting that match.

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Why do employers offer 401k matching?

Better recruiting. Not all companies offer a 401 (k) employer match, so doing so can help your business stand out to top job candidates. …Stronger employee morale and retention. …Employer tax benefits. …

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