Does publix sell beer

The variety of beers we offer is ever-changing, and we want to maximize your experience. Learn how beer is made, how to pour a beer, or see what beers you can grab for the ultimate beer tasting. With all of this information, finding new favorites at Publix has never been easier. Take advantage of these great resources!

With the variety of beers on the market, there is a lot of specialized information available from a variety of sources. This section is designed to teach you the basics—the terms and processes associated with the greatest number of beers. What you read here won’t apply to every beer on the shelf… but then, that’s what makes beer tasting fun!


Beer & Wine | Publix Super Markets

At Publix, we offer hundreds of beer and wine varieties—from artisan wineries and small-batch breweries, to internationally known makers. What’s more, we’re there to help you find exactly what you’re looking for—even if you’re not sure what that is. Need a classic red to pair with pasta?

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