Does publix sell grenadine

Est. 2014. Nashville. Austin. Finest ingredients. Barsmith’s Grenadine‘s sweet and complex flavor perfectly complements cocktail favorites. Use with your spirit of choice or mix with ice and sparking water for a refreshing Shirley Temple. Create exceptional cocktails anytime with Barsmith syrups, brines, bitters, and mixers.

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Where to Find Grenadine Syrup in Grocery Store? – Food Champs

Publix – This store keeps grenadine syrups with the other cocktail mixers. Small grocery stores might not carry grenadine syrup, especially if they don’t carry liquor or a variety of sweeteners and syrups. How to buy grenadine syrup online. Grenadine syrup doesn’t require refrigeration before it’s open, so it’s a shelf-stable food.

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Talk to your grocery or store manager to help make this product available at your neighborhood Publix, or select a different store. If you think you reached this page in error, please contact us .

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