Does publix sell scales

The original scale still sits in the Publix headquarters in Lakeland — and it still works. But you won’t find the scales in Publix stores outside of …

The scales, shaped like “lollipops,” have been a Publix Super Market fixture for 81 years, the post explained. When they made their first …

Weight a minute! Is Publix getting rid of its historic scales?

Grocer says scales will go away — someday. LAKELAND, Fla. – Yes, the iconic scales at Publix are going away, but the process will be slow and not all at once. In a Facebook post from August …

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The Publix scale, with the big round dial on top, has been a fixture found only in Florida Publix stores for over 80 years. According to the grocery chain, the scales were first provided as a free …

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Do you have to pay for scales at Publix?

“However, there’s one perk about shopping in Publix that’s been a part of the company since the beginning and still remains to this day: the weighing scales. The difference with Publix scales? It was completely free for our customers,” the blogger wrote.

Does new Publix in Boynton Beach have a scale?

At least one new store that recently joined the grocery chain’s Florida outlets, opened without the scale. An associate said the new Publix located the Shoppes of Golf Village near Boynton Beach does not have one.

Is Publix going out of business?

“The manufacturer ceased production in 2015, meaning that one day-although our wonderful repair shop keeps our remaining machines in great shape-the last Publix scale will retire,” an Aug. 19 Facebook post announced.

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Do you tip at Publix?

The ritual of tipping the big green scale should remain a tradition for many Publix shoppers for some time throughout Florida. In the Publix seven-state operating area, only Florida ever had the scales and as of September, the Sunshine State has 828 Publix stores, about two-thirds of its outlet across the Southeast.

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No scaling back: Tradition of Publix scales lasts decades and counting Video Answer

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