Does publix sell universal tickets

Publix had Universal tickets up in the North part of Orlando the last time I looked a few weeks go. Otherwise, take a look at the park websites to see what deals they have and probably buy them on-line. Try not to get them at the gate at Universal, because the line moves very slowly.

Does anyone know if Publix/Walmart still sell Universal Orlando tickets, and if so how much they are ? Last time we were in Florida I remember Publix selling 3 month passes that were quite cheap. Any help appreciated.


Universal Ticket cards available at Publix –

After promising "New Ticket Options Coming," Publix finally has new Universal cards you can buy at stores. All have Harry Potter on them. 1 Day Ticket with Park to Park Access $109.00. 2 Day Ticket with Park to Park Access $99 (Florida resident only) 3 Day Ticket with Park to Park Access $104 (Florida resident only) Power Pass Annual $130 (Florida resident only)

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Still, you can buy the Universal Studios gift cards from the following retailers only. And that is Kroger’s. Similarly, you can choose from dozens of exciting designs and make them smile. Besides, the company offers denominations in the range of U.S. $10-500.

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