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That’s why Millennials and Gen Z want to know whether Walmart, Publix, and Kroger accept Venmo up front. What Is Venmo and How Does It Work? Venmo functions similarly to PayPal. Venmo, unlike PayPal, incorporates a social component. Users first create a profile, similar to a social media app, where they can add friends.

Here are just some of the retailers that accept Venmo credit and debit cards (Visa and Master Card) as payment: Adidas. Amazon. Coach. Dick’s Sporting Goods. Home Depot. Kohl’s. Macy’s. Nike.

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A contactless payment is made by placing a smartphone or contactless pay-enabled credit or debit card near a contactless-enabled device, rather than swiping or inserting a card into the PIN pad. The most commonly known forms of contactless payments are Apple Pay ®, Google Pay ™ and Samsung Pay ®. Customers will be able to use this …

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Overview of Venmo. Venmo is a digital wallet that began as an alternative to sending money to friends or family. Venmo became popular because there are no cash handling or transfer fees associated with it, but the app does have a 3% service fee for payments funded by a credit card.The Venmo app is available on Apple and Android devices.

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Can you use Venmo as a form of payment in stores?

What many don’t know, however, is that it’s also becoming increasingly popular for retailers to accept a Venmo transaction as a form of payment. For in-store purchases, you just scan your Venmo QR code at checkout to pay touch-free. It’s free to sign up for a Venmo account, which you can do here.

Can I use Venmo to pay for Uber Eats?

You can also use your Venmo account as a payment option on third-party applications like Grubhub or Uber Eats that accept Venmo. You’ll be able to make payments immediately from the app using your Venmo credit card or other linked accounts if your Venmo account is successfully linked.

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What apps take Venmo?, Grubhub, Uber, and Uber Eats are some of the most popular apps that accept Venmo. lululemon Athletica, Poshmark, and Abercrombie & Fitch all take Venmo. If your favorite retailers don’t currently accept Venmo, you can get a Venmo debit card and use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Does Venmo work with Grubhub?

Eat24, Uber Eats, Seamless,, and Grubhub are among the food delivery providers that accept Venmo scanning. Uber is the only ride-sharing service that accepts Venmo at the moment.

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