How far back does publix go on background checks

5 answers. Answered . They go back 7 years. Answered – Stock Clerk, Bagger, Cashier (Current Employee) – Boca Raton, FL. 10 years i think. Answered – Customer service staff (Former Employee) – …

From my experience, Publix goes back approx. 10 years on a background check. Answered – Customer Service Staff (Current Employee) – Stone Mountain, GA. I am not very sure. But I think it is 1 year. Answered – Deli Associate (Current Employee) – …

Does Publix Background Check in 2022? [Updated]

Publix’s background check goes back 7 years. If the applicant was convicted of a misdemeanor and/or felon during the 7-year time frame, it will be included in the criminal history report. A criminal conviction is not always the determining factor for the employment decision.

Drug test and background search. Answered . Answer See 18 answers. Report. Does Publix hire felons. Asked . I cannot answer this with 100% certainty but I am pretty sure they do not. The company has a general culture of strictness, they drug test even for marijuana and do an extensive background check. Answered …

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