How long is a publix sub good for

How long is a Publix sub Good For? Approximately seven to ten days after the date of sale is a good time to consume the meat. The opening of a dish should generally be followed by eating within three to five days of receiving it.

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What is a Pub Sub? Tips and Tricks for Publix sub aficionados.

So, if you are new to the Publix Sub experience, you might as well go straight to the mountaintop. Here are the store’s five recommended choices: Chicken Tender Sub. Italian Sub. Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub. Ultimate Sub. Havana Bold Sub. There’s even a recommended etiquette for ordering: Be nice to deli associates (Does that sound like your …

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I have two sub sandwiches in the fridge. They’ve been there 48 hours as of noon today. … as long as they werent left out for a long time before going into …

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