How much are frozen turkeys at publix

Publix has its own brand of frozen young turkey on sale for 49 cents a pound for birds between 10 and 24 pounds — so that’s about $5.40 for one that’s about 11 pounds. Fresh Butterball turkeys are $1.89 a pound for turkeys in the same weight range.

Publix Deal: Don’t Miss 49¢ Per Pound Publix Young Frozen Turkeys! ? (Ends 11/21) It’s time to clean out the freezer to make room for the …


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Up to $5 cash back Publix Young Turkey Breast, Bone-In Frozen, USDA Grade A (Li… At $3.29/lb. Butterball Frozen Grade A Whole Turkey 24-26 Pounds. At $2.53/lb. Publix Whole Turkey 28 Pounds and Up, Grade A, Frozen. At $2.19/lb. Jennie-O Oven Ready Bone In Breast Of Turkey, Homestyle, Fro… At $4.87/lb.

14% Total Fat 9g. 13% Saturated Fat 2.5g. Trans Fat 0g. 25% Cholesterol 75mg. 11% Sodium 260mg. 0% Total Carbohydrates 0g. 0% Dietary Fiber 0g. Sugars 0g. Protein 21g.

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How much does a whole turkey cost at Publix?

Turkey prices: $0.69 per pound for frozen turkeys (with membership card). Through Nov. 28, 2019, if you spend $125, you get a turkey for free (10 to 18 pounds). $1.59 per pound for Butterball fresh…

How much are turkeys per pound at Publix?

$0.49 per pound for frozen, whole Publix Broad-Breasted, USDA Grade A turkeys (typically 10 to 24 pounds) Sam’s Club Locations : almost 600 clubs across the U.S. and Puerto Rico

Does Publix have fresh turkeys?

Publix, The Fresh Market and Petty’s Meat Market offer fresh turkeys here in Brevard. Fresh, antibiotic-free turkeys at The Fresh Market are $1.99 per pound. Publix has two options: Fresh Butterball turkeys for $2.29 per pound and fresh Publix-brand turkeys for $2.79 per pound.

Does Publix have turkeys on sale?

Publix: Frozen Publix young turkeys are on sale for 59 cents per pound. Target: Target’s Market Pantry turkeys are on sale for 79 cents a pound, and Butterball premium frozen turkeys are 99 cents per pound. Walmart: The weekly ad in some regions highlights Butterball frozen turkeys on sale for 98 cents per pound.

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