How much are publix wedding cakes

How much do Publix wedding cakes cost? On average, a Publix wedding cake for 100 guests will cost you around $370 and around $680 for 200 guests. The lower end would be a basic three-tier cake with no additions, the more you add to that, the more you pay! In this article, we will discuss all things Publix wedding cakes to help you prepare for your big day!

Our servings suggestions chart shows the sizes and approximate number of servings for each cake shape. Servings are based on a three-layer, 2 oz slice. Find cake-specific size information on the individual cake pages in our cake catalog. The icing on the cake. We can help you carry your selected wedding colors through to your cake’s icing.


Publix Wedding Cakes Cost – In 2022 – The Pricer

How much does a Publix wedding cake cost? A wedding cake can cost anywhere from $295 to $470 , depending on the size, customization, and type of cake selected. A plain cake with no decoration or additional tiers will usually range between $220 and $420.

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However, these are the standard prices you could expect to pay for wedding cakes from Walmart. A 12-serving custom sheet cake starts at about $10. A 24- serving custom sheet cake costs just under $20. A 48-serving custom sheet cake starts around $30. A 96-serving custom sheet cake is about $43.

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How to order a wedding cake from Publix?

Remove any decorations until it’s just cake and icing.Freeze until the cake is solid. (This keeps the icing from being damaged.)Wrap loosely in several layers of plastic wrap—not aluminum foil. Place in the cake box and wrap with more plastic wrap.Seal the cake in an airtight freezer bag and store in the coldest part of your freezer. …

Why do wedding cakes cost so much?

Why is a wedding cake so expensive? From the high-quality ingredients and complex flavors to the time it takes to create custom cake designs (not to mention the price of delivering a dessert that can weigh as much as 50 pounds), there are many factors that contribute to the price of a wedding cake, says Liz Berman, owner of The Sleepy Baker in …

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What is the price of a Publix wedding cake?

Wedding cakes cost an average of $500, making them an affordable option. A three-tiered cake (for 75-100 guests) at Publix costs $300 – so you can spend more on a honeymoon if you want to.Table …

Does Publix deliver wedding cakes?

Publix makes custom cakes for birthdays, graduations, weddings, and other special occasions. When you order a custom cake, the cake designers at Publix will work with you to help you create a beautiful, customized cake for your next occasion. Custom cake orders must be made at least 24 hours before pickup.

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