How much do publix wedding cakes cost

According to the CakeCentral forum, , 12-inch layered cake filled with fondant was $450, while the same size cake made of buttercream frosting instead cost only $300. According to, a wedding cake for an average of …

3 rowsThe cost of a Publix wedding cake will depend on the size, the customization and the type of …


How Much Are Publix Wedding Cakes? (Here Is How To Order)

On average, a Publix wedding cake for 100 guests will cost you around $370 and around $680 for 200 guests. The lower end would be a basic three-tier cake with no additions, the more you add to that, the more you pay! In this article, we will discuss all things Publix wedding cakes to help you prepare for your big day!

However, these are the standard prices you could expect to pay for wedding cakes from Walmart. A 12-serving custom sheet cake starts at about $10. A 24- serving custom sheet cake costs just under $20. A 48-serving custom sheet cake starts around $30. A 96-serving custom sheet cake is about $43.

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Does Publix make custom cakes?

The results should come as no surprise, especially regarding what Marylanders like to chow down on most: Smith Island Cake. Publix Refuses … Charm City Cakes Serves Custom Creation At Inaugural …

Does Publix do free SMASH cakes?

Publix. When you order an 8″ round or quarter-inch sheet cake that says “Happy 1st Birthday” on it, you can score a FREE 7″ two-layer round smash cake for your little one. Just make sure to order about 24 hours before you’d like to pick up your treats.

How much is a birthday cake at Publix?

These cakes can range from $17 to $700 depending on your desired style of cake, but all options are equally delicious. Anyone can order a cake at the bakery or on the telephone, and some stores even offer a convenient online ordering option. Discover more about the Publix cakes prices and designs that can be found at your Publix store below.

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Does Publix do cake tasting?

Publix Brings Back … FloridaTop notch cookies are a taste treat to savor. Whether you are looking for a batch of specialty cookies, a giant cookie or a cookie cake, it can generally be found …

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