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Sushi. As an added bonus, Publix stocks pre-made sushi goods and provides you with a large selection of sushi rolls, including a few vegan options. In addition, the typical price for sushi at Publix ranges from $6 to $18, but every Wednesday is $5 sushi day, which means you can purchase any sushi you want for only $5. Contents [ hide]

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AFC Sushi Chef Sampler. 10.75 oz. AFC Sushi Spicy Tuna Roll SP. 7 oz. AFC Sushi Seabreeze Salad. 4 oz. AFC Sushi Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll. 9 oz. AFC Sushi Spicy Salmon Roll SP.


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In Japan, it totally depends on where you get it from. I’d say it’s from ¥600–, so “average” doesn’t make any sense. Packed Sushi from convenience stores and supermarkets: ¥600–1,000. Delivery chain: &#–5,000. Lunch at a local and relatively casual …

Up to$5cash back

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4 oz. AFC Sushi Cream Cheese Salmon Roll (Brown Rice) 1 each. AFC Sushi Grilled Dumplings – Shrimp. 5 oz. Lundberg Family Farms Rice, Gourmet, Organic, California Sus… 2 lb. RiceSelect Rice, Short Grain, Sushi. 2 lb.

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