How to get a money order at publix

A closer look at our money services. Money orders. A money order is a lot like a check, and purchasing a money order at Publix is just like buying anything else. You don’t even need a bank account. This is a service provided by Western Union.*. Money transfers.

Below are the steps that you must follow to buy a Money order at Publix. Visit the Customer service desk and ask them for a Money order Fill in the details of the recipient, which may include the name and address. Fill in your name in the purchaser section. If it is a bill, you will have to enter the account number in the recipient section.


How Much Is A Money Order At Publix? (2022 Full Guidance)

How Do You Fill Out A Publix Money Order? Step 1: Fill in the recipient’s name on the money order. Step 2: Write your name in the buyer’s area. Step 3: If it is a bill, write the bank details on the money order. Step 4: Sign your name in the “Purchaser Signature” blank. Step 5: Keep the receipt with …

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In order to complete a Publix money order, simply follow these steps: Put the name of the recipient on the money order Put your name in the purchaser area If it’s a bill, then add the account number to the money order In the section with “Purchaser Signature,” sign your name Keep the receipt attached to the money order

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What is the maximum money order at Publix?

The following information will be helpful to anyone interested in buying a money order at a Publix location: Money transfer provider: All money orders are backed by Western Union. Limit: You can purchase a money order from Publix up to a value of $500. Fee: $0.85 to $0.89. Payment method: Fees must be paid with a debit card, cash, or prepaid card. They will not accept checks, credit cards, or gift cards. How to Buy a Money Order at Publix. There are no special requirements to purchase a …

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How much does Publix money order cost?

United States Postal ServiceFee: $1.30 per money order up to $500, $1.75 for money orders over $500Limit: $1,000Provider: USPS uses its own money order brand

Does Publix sell money orders?

Publix sells Western Union money orders but doesn’t cash money orders of any kind. [1] The fee to purchase a money order is $0.99. Publix may allow you to purchase a money order over $1,000, but you’ll need to show a valid photo ID. [2] [3]

How do you cash a check at Publix?

Ensure the check is legible and not bent or tattered;Ensure the sender has filled in all appropriate information correctly;Make sure you have not exceeded the limits for personal and payroll check cashing; have your identification ready to present to the clerk who handles your transaction;

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