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The stock is available to Publix employees and a few other individuals, including George W. Jenkins’ heirs. Employees and others can buy and sell Publix stock at $63.10 a share in private transactions. The share price rose from $61.30 a share. Publix shares offered $1.33 in earnings per share (EPS) on .

To give you a sense of the profitability of Publix, the corporation has revenues of more than twice Miller Coors . Below, you will find select …


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Publix is a large supermarket chain that does business principally in the Southeastern United States. Founded in Florida in 1930, the company is …

Publix offers associates the opportunity to invest in three programs, all with the same goal in mind: to help associates financially prepare for their futures. PROFIT Plan, Employee Stock Ownership Plan; The PROFIT …

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Can I buy stock in Publix?

While many other employers may offer their employees the ability to purchase stock and invest in a retirement plan, Publix is privately owned. Our stock is not publicly traded, which means you must be a Publix associate to invest in Publix stock. With ownership comes more job security, stability, advancement opportunities and pride in your work.

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What makes Publix a great place to work?

Today, Publix is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the country. Our stock and retirement options are part of what makes us a Great Place to Work, a recognition we receive year after year. Our associates know what it means to be an owner, but we want everyone to understand our greatest benefit.

Does Publix have an open market?

For example, Publix operates open markets called Publix Sabor in southern Florida. The markets offer customers a variety of prepared foods and drinks in addition to groceries. Public Sabor is intended to evoke the open-air feeling of community markets in South America. Publix even owns an ATM network called Presto! All Presto!

What are the best alternatives to Publix?

Walmart, like Kroger, is an excellent alternative to Publix because of the stock price, growth, cash, and dividends. I consider Walmart and Kroger the best alternative investments to Publix. There are several other grocery stocks people that people who dislike Walmart and Kroger can investigate.

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