Is aldi cheaper than publix

Aldi is cheaper than Publix by anywhere from 8% to 56%. The only categories where Publix was cheaper was in the Dry Goods and Personal Care categories. So, unless you are shopping for these two categories, then you are going to save more money shopping at

Publix: 2 for $5 (7- to 8.75 ounce package) Aldi: $1.99 (11.1- to 13.6-ounce package) Potato Chips. Publix: 2 for $5 (5- to 7.7-ounce bag) Aldi:


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What Aldi Was Cheaper On. Pasta Sauce Publix has Classico Riserva Sauce on sale for $2.49. This is one of the higher end organic varieties. …

Who is cheaper Publix or Walmart? Publix and Walmart have both made a great effort in giving their customers the best. … milk, and meat, fruits, and other items are cheaper than Walmart. Organic items are more expensive at Aldi though and cheaper at Walmart. Other than their fresh items, Aldi also serves nonperishable items at a much lower …

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Is Publix cheaper than Walmart?

Both Walmart and Publix are extremely flexible in the price range. But Publix wins with its amazing price range. Read this article to find out what grocery store has the best produce? Who is cheaper Kroger or Walmart? Kroger and Walmart both offer great items. And if you want to know what is cheaper then the answer is that Walmart wins the game.

Is Aldi cheaper than Walmart?

Making is both a pro and con. But which is cheaper? Well, Aldi takes the win if you calculate the average price of their food items! Their fresh products like dairy, milk, and meat, fruits, and other items are cheaper than Walmart.

Who has the cheapest groceries in America?

WinCo has the ball in their court as they win against Walmart. WinCo has the cheapest yet the most quality-driven and most variety of products. Just like Walmart. But it was a pretty close call.

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Is Amazon cheaper than Walmart?

Amazon is pretty cheaper than Walmart when it comes to kitchen products and other stuff like pens. But overall, Walmart takes the win for being the cheapest. They offer quality items that you can enjoy. Amazon and Walmart both offer free shipping.

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