Is publix better than kroger

Which One Should You Shop At: Publix vs Kroger? When to shop at Publix: despite having higher prices and lower product variety, Publix does have higher quality products. So if you don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for higher quality, then you should shop at Publix. When to shop at Kroger: Kroger offers more variety and cheaper prices than Publix. So if you like having many …

I expected Kroger to be cheaper than Publix, but not by so much. The total cost for everything in my grocery cart was $37.94 at Kroger (with savings card) and $53.84 at Publix. After factoring in unit pricing (cost per ounce or pound), Publix only had the better value on eggs. Here’s more on how to compare unit prices at the grocery store.


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Kroger Vs. Publix: Which Is Better? (which Is Cheaper, Products …

While Kroger has a lower rating on the food quality at 58 percent compared to Publix’s 67 percent. Additionally, the employees at Publix have a greater chance for professional development than the employees at Kroger. Based on these results, it appears that Publix is a better employer.

Answer (1 of 5): Personally, I like the produce more at Kroger. A bigger selection and better prices. The dry grocery seems to be bigger and there are a lot of products in the health and beauty department that I can’t find at Publix. I do prefer the meat and …

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Is Publix better than Kroger?

Publix is just better in pretty much every way. The only place where Kroger has an edge is they generally have a better olive bar and bigger cheese selection. The Kroger locations that have the big Murphy’s Cheese area are wonderful. They have some of the best cheese selection, plus olives and other cheese plate accoutrements.

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Is Walmart cheaper than Publix?

You could find 100 items at Publix that are cheaper than Walmart, and Publix makes a big deal about this with in-store signs. But excluding BOGOs, Walmart will be cheaper straight up on most items. I’d recommend doing your shopping at Walmart, but keep your Publix app handy.

Why is Publix so expensive?

What is the cheapest supermarket in California?Trader Joe’s. For many Californians, Trader Joe’s is the go-to grocery store, and why not? …Aldi. …Vons. …Sprouts Farmers Market. …Food 4 Less. …Smart & Final Extra! …Bottom Line: Food Shopping in LA Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank.

How is working at Publix different than Kroger?


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