Is publix cheaper than walmart

In terms of pricing, Walmart is cheaper than Publix for most of their store brand products. Walmart also offers a much wider variety of products online and in-store. However, in terms of product quality, Publix historically sells safer and higher quality products.

6.Publix in Comparison to Walmart. Publix is more expensive than Walmart in most of its products. A reason behind this is that Walmart is one of the cheapest stores with cheap labor and economies of scale. No doubt that Publix offers better quality products and a superior customer experience.


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I’m sorry, but Walmart is cheaper than Publix–don’t need to cherry pick certain items that are BOGO at Publix. Overall, shopping on a weekly basis (consistently) at Walmart will always be cheaper than Publix, period.

10 times Publix was cheaper than Walmart. Thanks to what are called ‘loss leaders’ in the retail business—where stores advertise cheap prices on a few marquee items each week to get foot traffic—a higher-cost regional grocer like Publix can often beat a cheaper grocer like Walmart. You just have to know what’s on sale in a given week!

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Which is better Publix or Walmart?

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Why is Publix so expensive?

What is the cheapest supermarket in California?Trader Joe’s. For many Californians, Trader Joe’s is the go-to grocery store, and why not? …Aldi. …Vons. …Sprouts Farmers Market. …Food 4 Less. …Smart & Final Extra! …Bottom Line: Food Shopping in LA Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank.

Is Publix better than Kroger?

Publix is just better in pretty much every way. The only place where Kroger has an edge is they generally have a better olive bar and bigger cheese selection. The Kroger locations that have the big Murphy’s Cheese area are wonderful. They have some of the best cheese selection, plus olives and other cheese plate accoutrements.

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Does Walmart pay less than other retailers?

Walmart can demand lower wholesale rates than just about any other retailer on earth, and it passes these savings on to customers. Walmart sells more of just about everything than pretty much any other seller, and it sells many products for less than anyone else.

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