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One major reason people think Publix is expensive is that they’re comparing it to cheaper stores. “Expensive” is a relative statement, and yes, Publix is often expensive compared to Wal-Mart. However, Publix resides in a space that’s sort of between Wal-Mart and other stores like Whole Foods. It’s more akin to Target.

Publix is only more expensive compare to WinnDixi, or other low end supermarkets, but if you compering it to Whole Foods, it’s not. Publix has better prepared foods and even most of the bakery items then Whole Foods for much less. They …


Why is Publix So Expensive? [Cheaper Alternatives]

Publix is more expensive than Walmart in most of its products. A reason behind this is that Walmart is one of the cheapest stores with cheap labor and economies of scale. No doubt that Publix offers better quality products and a superior customer experience.

Why is Publix so expensive? I recently started shopping at other food markets like Presidente, Aldi, Sabor Tropical and Food Star. I can’t believe the prices are so much less than Publix. For example: Corona beer $9/ 12 case vs $14 / 12case Tilapia $1.48/lb vs $6/lb Chicken $2/lb vs $6/lb Doz large eggs $0.65 vs $2.99 Ham $1.50lb vs $7/lb.

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Is Walmart cheaper than Publix?

You could find 100 items at Publix that are cheaper than Walmart, and Publix makes a big deal about this with in-store signs. But excluding BOGOs, Walmart will be cheaper straight up on most items. I’d recommend doing your shopping at Walmart, but keep your Publix app handy.

Which is better Publix or Walmart?

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Is Publix worth it?

Publix touts itself as the best place to work but that was years ago. bonuses have been eradicated. productivity is abysmal, food sits in tubs for hours to save money but the corperation claims its for the customers. Was this review helpful?

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Does Publix have a discount card?

Saving on all your prescription drugs at Publix is easy with SingleCare. Use your Publix pharmacy prescription discount card to save up to 80% on your prescription drugs. We negotiate discounts on prescription drugs to save you money. 100% free, no catch, no fees or premiums, no expirations. Email.

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