Is publix giving flu shots this year

Publix Pharmacy administers vaccines like COVID-19, flu, shingles, pneumococcal, tetanus shots, and more. … (ACWY & B vaccine series) First-year college students who live in residential housing (if not previously vaccinated at 16 or older). … (Flu) Everyone 6 months and older—one dose annually. Find a Store Near You.

LAKELAND, Fla. — Publix announced that it once again is offering immunizations against the flu this season. This year, however, the company is offering traditional flu shots, a needle-free option.

Publix Pharmacy offers appointments for flu vaccines | Newsroom

Publix Pharmacy offers appointments for flu vaccines. The new online service is anticipated to improve social distancing measures. LAKELAND, Fla., Oct. 5, 2020 — Publix Pharmacy announced today a new online service for customers who would like to get their flu shot. The new service allows customers to schedule a convenient time for their vaccination and sign consent forms …

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This year Publix has low supplies of standard-dose flu shots but does have supplies of a shot for older adults. Experts recommend you get a vaccination with any licensed, influenza vaccine that is…

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