Is publix open new years eve

Publix store closure times vary on New Year’s Day depending on the division the store is located in, the company spokesperson said. “Our Atlanta and Charlotte division stores …

Publix will have altered hours for the holidays this year but you will still be able to stop by. Below are the hours for Publix for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve

Is Publix Open on New Year’s Day? Here’s What to Know …

More good news: Yes, Publix will be open on New Year’s Day! But once again, it’s possible that hours will vary by location, so you’ll need to use Publix’s store locator tool to find …

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Whether you need to get a bottle of bubbly, some appetizers, or a frozen pizza for the family for dinner on New Year’s Eve, you can head over to Publix, as long as you do it …

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