Is publix or walmart cheaper

In terms of pricing, Walmart is cheaper than Publix for most of their store brand products. Walmart also offers a much wider variety of products online and in-store. However, in terms of …

Publix Vs Walmart. Yes, if you believe it or not, we found Publix stores to be specifically cheaper and much better in fresh produce quality like …

Publix vs. Walmart: Which is cheaper? | Frugal Follies

I’m sorry, but Walmart is cheaper than Publix–don’t need to cherry pick certain items that are BOGO at Publix. Overall, shopping on a weekly basis …

You could find 100 items at Publix that are cheaper than Walmart, and Publix makes a big deal about this with in-store signs. But excluding BOGOs, Walmart will be cheaper straight up on …

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