What age do publix start hiring

The Publix Hiring Age is within the range of 14 to17 years of age may apply but are only allowed to do a 4-hour shift for 5-6 days a week. This too is not approved at all locations and needs prior work permits to be given for …

You must be at least 14 years old to work at Publix as a cashier, flower clerk, or bagger. All other entry-level positions in the shop need applicants to be 16 or 18 years old. …

Publix Hiring Age – How I Got The Job

You get paid weekly and just a little insert some publix‘s do not hire at 14 so if you live in a state where they do be lucky bcuz not all of them doo Answered Answer See 6 answers

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What age does Publix start hiring?

Minimum age of employment at Publix is 14 year old. However, not all of their stores accepts applications from job seekers who are 14 years old due to the positions and shifts available at each location. Welcome to Publix Store job application | Publix Store Job …

What is the minimum age requirement to work at Publix?

What is the minimum age to work at Publix? You must be at least 14 years of age to be eligible for employment with Publix. There are also age requirements for certain positions in the store. Please see a member of the hiring event staffing team if you have questions about age eligibility for specific store positions.

How to know if Publix is hiring?

Publix Interview QuestionsTell us about your previous work experience? If this is your first job tell them you have been focusing on school and now you are anxious to prove yourself …What can you tell us about Publix? Publix is the largest and fastest-growing employee-owned Super Market chain in the United States. …Why do you want to work for Publix? …

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Is Publix a good first job?

Good for high school students/first job … As of my first 3 week at Publix I am disappointed. I really expected more from Publix with such a high reputation. No sick time, no holiday pay, no vacation, for part-time people and part time goes to 35 hours so, almost everyone is part-time.

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