What happens to your publix stock when you quit

What happens to your Publix stock when you quit? Once stockholder services receives your properly completed Stock Sale Request Form and stock certificate (s), sales checks are typically processed and mailed to the address on file for the stock account within 3 business days.

What Happens to Your Publix Stock When You Quit? After 1 year of employment and at least 1000 hours of work in that year you are eligible to buy stock. If a company has 10 shares of stock and you own one, then you own 10% of the company.


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First, make sure you’re vested. Second, if you are vested you don’t really have to do anything if you just quit. The stocks they gave you will still be yours for as long as you’re alive. Only if you say you’re “retiring” from Publix will they give you the forms to fill out to cash out your stocks. If you’re not of retirement age their will be a penalty for cashing out early.

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You keep your stock until you sell it. Still have all my shares. 3. level 1. · 2 yr. ago. New Poster. PROFIT SHARING can stay there until 62+, 401K same, or u can roll it over to a IRA which u would not get the dividend it will be deposited to ur IRA. 1.

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