What Is The Age Requirement To Work At Publix [Update 2023] ❤️

You must be at least 14 years old to work at Publix as a cashier, flower clerk, or bagger. All other entry-level positions in the shop need applicants to be 16 or 18 years old.

Each Publix site is a multimillion-dollar operation, providing fulfilling retail employment and an opportunity to earn a lot of money.

To get a job at Publix as a cashier, floral clerk, or bagger, you must be at least 14 years old. All of the other entry-level jobs in the store require you to be either 16 or 18 years old. Every Publix location is a multimillion-dollar enterprise, offering rewarding retail …


Questions and Answers about Publix Hiring Age

15 year olds can work 3 to 4 hours on SCHOOL days and up to 8 hours on nonschool days the lowest pay is 7.25 the max is 8.50 or 9.00 an hour Answered Answer See 7 …

at least 18. Pharmacy Technician. Serve pharmacy patients; assist pharmacist in dispensing medication, providing immunizations, conducting health screenings, and assisting in medication therapy management to pharmacy patients; select Pharmacy on the Job Interest screen of the online application. at least 18.

 Employment at Publix

Minimum Age Requirement

It is important to be at least the minimum age limit given by Publix in order to work there. The age requirement to work at Publix is fourteen years old.

However, keep in mind that the exact age requirements could differ slightly according to local and state laws. It is important to inquire with the neighborhood Publix store to verify the age limit in your region.

Youth Employment Laws and Restrictions

Although Publix offers opportunities for employment to teens, there are some legal requirements put in place to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of workers who are young.

This could include restrictions regarding working times, the types of jobs, and permits. It’s essential for teens and their parents to be familiar themselves with the law and rules in their respective states prior to applying for jobs at Publix.

 Job Opportunities for Teenagers

Publix has a wide range of opportunities for teens who meet the requirements for age. A few of the most popular entry-level positions for teenagers are cashier, bagger, stock assistant, baker and customer service rep.

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These positions provide an invaluable work experience as well as providing teens with an opportunity to develop and learn important skills in a professional environment.

How to Apply for a Job at Publix

If you’re interested in working at Publix looking for a new job applying is fairly simple. Begin by visiting the Publix careers site or calling your local Publix store to get more details about the current vacancies for positions.

It is suggested that you make a strong resume that highlights your skills and education, as well as any work experience that is relevant to yo

Benefits of Working at Publix

Being employed at Publix has many advantages and perks. As a Publix employee, you’ll get a competitive hourly salary and flexible scheduling and opportunities to advance your career and access to extensive benefits offered to employees such as retirement plans, health insurance and discounts for employees.

Publix appreciates its employees and provides an environment that is supportive and promotes professional and personal development.

Working at Publix at 14 years old tips and tricks, the application process, training, how much do they pay Video Answer

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In accordance with particular regional rules and legislation, Publix provides work options to people as young as 14.

Teenagers who want to build work experience and acquire essential skills are able to take advantage of a variety of entry-level positions available at Publix.

But, it’s important to know the rules and regulations for youth employment applicable to your state in order to make sure you are in compliance and to prioritize security.

The job at Publix gives teens the chance to learn to grow and develop, as well as contribute to a respected firm that values its employees.

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FAQ What Is The Age Requirement To Work At Publix

What is the age policy for working at Publix?

To get a job at Publix as a cashier, floral clerk, or bagger, you must be at least 14 years old. All of the other entry-level jobs in the store require you to be either 16 or 18 years old.
Every Publix location is a multimillion-dollar enterprise, offering rewarding retail jobs and exciting earnings potential.

How old have you got to be to work at Publix?

You only have to be 16 in order to work at Publix. They give teenagers the opportunity to work and make money as well.

Is Publix hiring 14-year-olds?

Publix is an equal-opportunity employer committed to a diverse workforce. From FORTUNE. The minimum age of employment at Publix is 14 years old. Receive paid, on-the-job training to grow your skills.
In 1935, he opened the second store in Winter Haven, and both were successful. Publix is the largest employee-owned company in the nation.

What age does Publix start hiring?

The minimum age of employment at Publix is 14 years old. However, not all of their stores accept applications from job seekers who are 14 years old due to the positions and shifts available at each location. Welcome to Publix Store job application | Publix Store Job …

Do you have any specific requirements regarding age for different jobs at Publix?

Yes, certain jobs at Publix might have age conditions. For instance, to operate certain machines or work in certain areas, you could require a minimum of 18 years old.

Do you know if there are any restrictions for teens employed at Publix?

There are limitations on teenagers who work at Publix. Teenagers who aren’t yet 16 might have a limited working schedule and are generally not permitted to work outside of school hours.

Do you know if there are limitations on work hours due to age for employees of Publix?

There are restrictions on working hours for employees younger than 18 years of age. These restrictions adhere to labor rules at the state and federal levels in order to protect the youthful workforce’s safety and security.

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Can teens work full-time in Publix?

Generally speaking, full-time jobs at Publix generally are only available to those who are 18, or who have completed high school. Teenagers could be qualified for part-time or seasonal job opportunities.

Do i need any work permits or other documents when I’m younger than 18 and would like to be employed by Publix?

The requirements for work permits or other documents differ from state to state. In certain states, you will require a work permit or parental permission to work if less than 18. It is recommended to consult the neighborhood Publix store or check with the labor department of your state for specific rules.

Can teenagers be employed in cashier positions at Publix?

The answer is yes, teens are able to work as cashiers for Publix. Cashier jobs are usually open to those who meet the minimum requirements for age and possess the required qualifications and abilities.

Do you have any restrictions on age for employees those working in specific departments like the deli or bakery?

Some departments in Publix such as the bakery or the deli may have age-related restrictions because of the use of specific tools or tasks which require specialized abilities. You might need to be at minimum 18 years old for work in these areas.

Can teens be employed during the school time at Publix?

Generally speaking teens aren’t allowed to be employed during their school time. Publix, as with all employers, is a signatory to labor laws that emphasize education and restrict work hours on school days.

Do you know if Publix offer any training or support for teenagers employees?

Absolutely, Publix offers training as well as assistance for all employees, even teenagers. They provide extensive on-the job training to ensure that employees are aware of their roles, responsibilities and safety protocols.


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