What kind of sushi does publix have

Publix does have sushi in most of its stores, including the seafood section, and there are pre-made sushi items and specialty items. Publix offers sushi trays, sushi platters, sushi rolls, …

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AFC Sushi Spicy Tuna Roll SP. 7 oz. AFC Sushi Seabreeze Salad. 4 oz. AFC Sushi Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll. 9 oz. AFC Sushi Spicy Salmon Roll SP. 7 oz. AFC

Does Publix Have Sushi – THE JAPANESE WAY

sushi rice (brown or white), cucumber, avocado, eel, tuna, or imitation crab. Sesame seeds, tuna, baby shrimp, salmon, imitation crab, and tilapia, seaweed. AFC spicy sauce, the sushi rice …

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How long is Publix sushi good for? (In general, raw fish that’s refrigerated is safe for three days. Sushi made from cooked fish or vegetables can be eaten up to a full week after it was made if …

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