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Publix Branded products are in three main categories: Fresh, Grocery and Non-Food products. When Publix chooses not to make a product in our manufacturing plants, we reach out to private label suppliers who can make finished products to Publix’s specifications. Becoming a Potential Supplier. If you’re interested in becoming a potential Publix Branded product supplier for …


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Our Publix Brand, Publix Premium, and GreenWise products are comparable to their national brand equivalents, but typically priced lower. Whether it’s spaghetti sauce or paper towels, when you see our Publix brand items on the shelf, you’ll know you’re getting true quality at a great price. So give them a try, and if you’re not satisfied, your …

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Is Publix a good place to buy groceries?

While Publix is usually great with sales, you might end up spending extra if you’re buying certain pricier brands. Writers at Southern Living agree that Publix brand items are generally just as good as non-generic brands. So next time, skip the Cheerios and Coca-Cola and go with Publix’s versions of your favorite items.

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How many Publix stores are in Florida?

Publix has locations in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, and North and South Carolina — but Florida has an especially profound attachment to the store, with about 800 stores in operation. Publix fans could go on and on about the deals you can get at the grocery chain, but not everything at Publix is worth your money.

Does Publix sell pre-packaged bread?

Many folks have sung the praises of Publix’s bakery for all the fresh-baked goodies found there. However, according to German Niño, a former employee at various Miami-based Publix locations for six years, another worthwhile item to pick up is their pre-packaged bread.

Why doesn’t Publix pay farmworkers?

Since 2009, Publix has declined to sign on to the program, maintaining that the relationship between farmworkers and farm owners is a labor dispute. "We will not pay employees of other companies directly for their labor," a page on Publix’s corporate site says.

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