How Many Calories In Publix Breaded Chicken Wings [2023] ❤️

How Many Calories In Publix Breaded Chicken Wings:Breaded Chicken Wings from Publix is an amazing treat that is enjoyed a lot. When you’re organizing a game night, hosting an event, or just in search of a tasty comfort food Wings are the perfect option.

But, if you’re aware of how much calories you consume you may be wondering what calories are present in Publix Breaded Chicken Wings.

In this complete guide, we’ll examine the calories in these wings, cooking techniques as well as health-related considerations many more.  

180 Cal. 13% 6g Carbs. 60% 12g Fat. 27% 12g Protein.

Nutrition summary: There are 250 calories in 4 oz (112 g) of Publix Chicken Wing. Calorie breakdown: 66% fat, 0% carbs, 34% protein.

how many calories in publix breaded chicken wings


Calories in Publix Breaded Chicken Tenderloins and …

There are 170 calories in 1 serving (3 oz) of Publix Breaded Chicken Tenderloins. Calorie breakdown: 32% fat, 33% carbs, 35% protein.

A Publix Baked Wings of Chicken Wings contains about 45 Calories per serving. It also contains about 27 calories that come from fat. NUTRITION FACTS – CHICKEN WINGS PUBLIX BAKED WINGS You searched for calories in …

How Many Calories In Publix Breaded Chicken Wings?

To embark on our exploration of Publix Breaded Chicken Wings, let’s start with a key question: how many calories do these delectable treats contain?

On average, a chicken wing that is breaded from Publix has between 100 and 120 calories. The exact number of calories could differ slightly depending on what size of the wings and the type of breading used.

Caloric Breakdown of Publix Breaded Chicken Wings:

Plain vs. Flavored Wings: If you choose to go for chicken wings that are plain, with no flavorings or sauces You can anticipate approximately 100 calories for each wing. Opting for flavor-infused wings like BBQ, buffalo, or teriyaki may result in a slight increase in calories due to the added ingredients 

Breaded vs unbreaded wings: The breaded varieties from Publix Chicken Wings are undeniably delicious, but they have more calories when compared to wings that are not breaded. Unbreaded wings typically have fewer calories, which makes them a better choice for those trying to reduce their calorie intake. 

Dimensions of Portion: It’s important to think about portion sizes when calculating calories. One serving of Publix Breaded Chicken Wings typically includes 6-8 wings. Be aware of this when planning your meals.

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publix fried chicken wings price

Cooking Tips for Publix Breaded Chicken Wings

fter determining the calorie content, let’s explore some cooking techniques to enhance your Publix Breaded Chicken Wings experience:

  1. If you’re looking to reduce calories, consider baking your wings rather than frying them. Baking is a low-cost method that requires no oil, which makes it a healthier way to cook.
  2. Seasoning: Try different blends of seasoning to improve the taste of the wings, without having to rely on sauces with high calories.
  3. Serving Companion: You can pair your Breaded Chicken Wings with fresh vegetable sticks or an easy salad for an all-inclusive food.
  4. Grilling: To give your wings a smokey and tasty twist you can grill those chicken wings. This will give you a wonderful taste that is charred while reducing the requirement for oil.
  5. air Frying: If you own the air fryer make use of the device to fry your chicken wings using little oil, which results in crispy wings without the extra calories of traditional cooking.

Publix breaded chicken wings carbs

Here is the carb content data for Publix breaded chicken wings based on the search results:

  • Details on carb content are unavailable for Publix Deli’s Fried Chicken Wings 20-Piece Plain Breaded in search results.

  • Publix Chicken Wings 8 Piece Fried contain 12g total carbs and 11g net carbs per wing.

  • Each Publix Deli 5-Piece Breaded Chicken Wing contains 180 calories, with carb info not provided.

  • Publix Deli Fried Chicken Wings, Hot, and Spicy: A bone-free wing contains 5.4g total carbohydrates and 5.2g net carbs.

Unfortunately, the results don’t provide the exact amount of carbs in these wings. Publix Deli Fried Chicken Wings 20 Piece Plain Breaded. 

It is best to verify the package or call Publix directly to obtain accurate and precise information regarding the carbs in their chicken wings that are breaded.

calories in the Publix hot and spicy wings that are breaded.

Based on the results of the search Here is the data regarding the calories content of Publix hot and spicy breaded wings:

  • Publix Chicken Wings that are Non-Breaded and not Breaded. Hot and spicy (1 wing): It has 80 calories.
  • Publix Deli Fried Chicken Wings, Hot, and Spicy (1 Wing bone removed): It has 180 calories.
  • Publix Naked Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken Wings (1 piece): contains 80 calories.
  • Breaded Hot and Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings (1 Wing): contains 180 calories.
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It’s crucial to know that the calorie content could vary based on the product and the serving size. It’s recommended to verify the label or call Publix directly for precise and complete information on the calorie content of their hot and spicy breaded wings.

calories in publix breaded hot and spicy wings

publix fried chicken wings price

Here’s the fried Publix chicken wings cost information based on the search results:

  • Publix Chicken Wings 20 Pc Hot & Spicy, Non-Breaded, Hot (80 Cal/Wing): Priced at $4.75.
  • Publix Deli Chicken Wings 10 pc Price for this item differs among different retailers. It is available in their pricing policies.
  • The Publix Deli Chicken Wings come in a pack of 50 pieces, plain breaded. Please note that the price for this item is based on in-store information and may be subject to delays or inaccuracies. Taxes, tips, and fees might be applicable. Based on terms and availability.
  • The Publix Deli Chicken Wings are 20 pc Hot & Spicy (180 Cal/Wing): The price of this item varies between individual retailers. It is available in their pricing policies.
  • The search results do not include the cost of a 20-Piece Publix Deli Plain Breaded Fried Chicken Wings.

It is important to remember that prices could differ depending on the area and on the specific retailer. For accurate pricing information on Publix fried chicken wings, it’s advisable to check the retailer’s policy or contact Publix directly.

Health Considerations and Benefits

While Publix Breaded Chicken Wings are a delightful indulgence, moderation is key. Here are some health concerns and advantages to consider:

  • Protein Source: Chicken wings provide essential protein for muscle growth and repair.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Chicken wings are full of essential minerals and vitamins, including iron, B vitamins, and zinc.
  • Chicken wings are high in fat when fried or breaded, yet they offer essential nutrients.

  • sodium content: Be aware of the sodium content present in flavor-laden wings as excess sodium consumption can cause health issues.
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Eating Chicken Wings Everyday Will Do This To Your Body Video Answer


Indulge in the deliciousness of Publix Breaded Chicken Wings for a flavorful addition to your balanced diet. The average calorie count is around 100-120 for each wing, so it’s crucial to pay attention to portions and cooking methods. 

Keep in mind, baking or grilling your wings can lower their calorie content while maintaining their delicious flavor. You should explore different flavors to tailor the flavor of your wings.

FAQ: How many calories are in Publix breaded chicken wings?

How many carbs are in Publix chicken wings?

The total carbs in Publix Baked Wings is 0 (g), 0% of the daily value. Sugar in a Publix Baked …

How many calories are in Publix Wings?

There are 85 calories in 1 piece (35 g) of Publix Naked Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken Wings. Calorie breakdown: 57% fat, 0% carbs, 43% protein.

How many calories are in Publix?

Publix brand California roll offers a lower calorie option, with 310 calories, 5 grams of total fat, 1 gram of saturated fat, 376 milligrams of sodium, 62 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, and 15 grams of protein per container, averaging about 6 pieces.

How much are Publix chicken wings?

chicken with a puffed buckwheat waffle, wings and fries, chef-driven sides, and desserts. The casual, diner-style restaurant, located in the former Pretty Lady digs, will be open for lunch and …

How many calories can you count in the Publix Deli fried chicken wing?

The calories are 240 in a single wing portion in Publix Deli – Fried Chicken Wing.

hat is the calorie count for Publix spicy and hot non-breaded chicken wings?

Publix’s non-breaded chicken wing hot and spicy (1 wing) is a good source of calories. It contains 80 calories.

How many calories can you count in the Publix 8-piece wings fried with chicken mix?

Publix 8-piece chicken fried mix Wing (1 wing) has 240 calories.

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